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IT Academy

Introducing Microsoft IT Academy Program

The Microsoft IT Academy Program (the "Microsoft IT Academy Program" or "Program") is a program designed to allow accredited academic institutions ("Academies" or "Academy") to deliver to students a premium education on cutting-edge Microsoft® technologies. The training delivered by Academies through the Microsoft IT Academy Program prepares credit and non-credit students for academic education tracks, rigorous Microsoft certification exams and for career opportunities as Network Administrators, Technical Support Specialists, Software/Hardware Developers, Design Engineers, and Office Specialists. Microsoft IT Academy Program training is focused on the following Microsoft products:

  • Visual Studio, Visual Studio.NET Professional, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Visual InterDev, and Visual J++.
  • Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers, Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Commerce Server, BizTalk Server, Host Integration Server, Application Center Server, Systems Management Server, Mobile Information 2001 Server, and Content Management Servers.
  • Microsoft Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, Windows 2000 Small Business Server, and Windows XP.

Microsoft IT Academy Program Membership

The Microsoft IT Academy Program is currently available in most countries worldwide.

Microsoft IT Academy addresses the different needs of primary, secondary, post-secondary, vocational and trade or technical institutions, and accredited sources of Continuing Education. Membership packages are available to each group defined below with tailored benefits and requirements appropriate for each.

IT Pro Plus

All accredited academic institutions. The IT Pro Plus level is designed to provide complete workforce development resources to member schools offering career development from the desktop to the IT professional for degrees and/or certifications: IT Pro (MCP) & Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

IT Pro

All accredited academic institutions. The IT Pro level is designed to provide benefits leading towards IT careers and/or IT Pro (MCP) certification. This level does NOT include Office (Microsoft Office Specialist) benefits.

Office Specialist

All accredited academic institutions. The Office Specialist level is designed to provide benefits towards Microsoft Office Specialist certification. This level does NOT include IT Pro (MCP) benefits.

MSN Hotmail® hosts over 200 million active accounts. And for good reason. E-mail enthusiasts know that MSN provides them with a highly reliable e-mail service and great features, including large storage capacity, junk e-mail filtering, and anti-virus protection tools. And our combined Calendar is great for keeping students on schedule.

Concurrent membership in the IT Pro & Office Specialist levels will be accepted. No other concurrent memberships will be allowed.

Membership Year

Microsoft IT Academy memberships run on an annual basis with members having the opportunity to join (renew) during two different membership cycles.

January - December
July - June

  • Every student gets a personal MSN Space online to post blogs, pictures, favorite link, and more. A great way to stay networked with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • New Members may be accepted into the program during any of the first three months of the actual membership year. (e.g. Application accepted January, February or March, membership year begins January 1 and expires December 30; application accepted July, August September, membership year begins July 1 and ends June 30.
Month of Registration
Membership Year Assigned
Jan., Feb., Mar.
Apr., May, Jun.
Jul., Aug., Sep.
Oct., Nov., Dec.
  • New Members can receive a maximum of 15 months of benefits and a minimum of 8 months of benefits, depending on the month in which the new member applies and the time it takes the applicant to comply with application requirements.
  • Registrations may be accepted at any time during the calendar year; however, application fees will not be pro-rated.
  • Neither New nor Renewing Customers will be given the option to sign up for more than one membership period.
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