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Volume Licensing option

At Microsoft, we are committed to providing the best licensing solutions for our academic customers. Designed to reduce the costs associated with acquiring, upgrading, maintaining and managing software, the latest Microsoft® Academic Volume Licensing program provide simple yet flexible volume-based pricing for our education customers.

If your institution purchases software in quantity and managed software across multiple computers, you'll find purchasing through volume licensing an effective means to reducing the total cost of software ownership.

Microsoft offers our academic customers the option of either subscription or transactional volume licensing programs:

Transactional Licensing - With transactional volume licensing programs, you acquire perpetual software licenses (meaning you own the licenses), while eliminating the costs and packaging of retail software.

Academic Open License 6.0 is a widely accessible and cost effective way for institutions to license Microsoft software, starting with as few as five licenses. A great volume licensing option for small-sized to medium-size school districts, colleges, or university department, Microsoft Academic Open License 6.0 is ideal for institutions needing the flexibility and simplicity of:

  • Purchasing smaller quantities of licenses
  • Choosing from a broad range of products
  • Quick online license confirmation and purchase history with Open
  • Staying current with the Software Assurance option

Subscription Licensing - With our subscription licensing programs, you have the right to run a selection of those products, for a designated term. Even if the number of computers or users grows, you remain fully licensed throughout the designated term.

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