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MSN University

Technology helps fuel the world of ideas. This is not simply for the sake of using technology, but for the opportunities it creates. Microsoft is keen to work with leading educational institutions like yours in India to take this initiative further.

We wish to offer you the opportunity to be part of a new program MSN University. This program entitles you to create a strong/secure Communication network for your students, faculty and Alumni for Life. Details of the facilities enclosed.

We have also included the One-Time cost under Microsoft Open Licensing Program for the Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) & SQL Server or it can be added into the existing Microsoft Campus Agreement for the Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) that is required to provide the mentioned facilities. Please note that this cost is negligible as your institute can create Email Boxes for Unlimited students and faculty - and create a web based community of students from your institute. The most important part of this program is that your students can retain the institute Domain name like

The entire responsibility of managing and maintaining the services would be done by the team at MSN. If you have had a hotmail ID you would know that there has never been any down time for services on MSN till date.

Services on MSN

  Hosted E-Mail

MSN HotmailŪ hosts over 200 million active accounts. And for good reason. E-mail enthusiasts know that MSN provides them with a highly reliable e-mail service and great features, including large storage capacity, junk e-mail filtering, and anti-virus protection tools. And our combined Calendar is great for keeping students on schedule.

  MSN Messenger

Using MSN Messenger students can study together and connect with friends, family and professors through Voice and Video Conversation#. Seamless search makes studying a snap.

  MSN Spaces

Every student gets a personal MSN Space online to post blogs, pictures, favorite link, and more. A great way to stay networked with friends, family, and colleagues.

  MSN Mobile

Students can check e-mail, send and receive instant messages and even upload pictures and blog postings to their Spaces from an e-mail-enabled mobile device.

  MSN Alerts

Send students and alumni special alerts, such as school news, class updates, student government info and even sports scores for school athletics.

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