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LDS Infotech is one of the largest corporate platinum partners of CA in India. LDS is proud to be associated with CA for providing world class solution.

LDS Infotech offers solution on Core IT Infrastructure optimization, Business productivity optimization, Backup solution, Disaster Recovery and many more on CA platform. We have deployed multiple projects with certified professionals architecting and deploying the solutions for the customer.

Our innovative development, quality, information and reporting techniques, practices and tools helps achieving business goals. We ensure a cost-effective and strategic deployment of IT resources by better managing services and the assets that support them.

Maximize value and minimize cost with CA's Enterprise IT Management (EITM) software and expertise. With powerful and integrated solutions for IT governance, management and security, EITM enables you to make better decisions about where to invest precious resources and ensures that services are delivered at the right cost and quality.

Our Licensing Solutions consultants are appropriately certified and experienced in vendor licensing terms and conditions and continuously undergo training and receive updates on all facets of license contract management and software asset management. This ensures that our Licensing Specialists can offer substantial license management services, advice and experience.

CA Licensing Policy

CA ARCserve Backup offers multiple licensing options for simplicity of licensing and quoting.

  • The traditional "a la carte" allows customers to selectively procure technology components. Customer purchases exactly what is needed, and this requires a lot of knowledge of storage and data environment. New technologies must be licenses as the environment grows.
  • The "Simplified" pricing model provides simplicity of licensing, transparency and predictability. Contains all technology required for high quality data protection.
  • "Managed Capacity" model gives the customer the flexibility to get unlimited licenses of CA ARCserve and CA XOsoft to protect the volume of data being protected. Enables tiered data protection at low cost and the flexibility to meet needs of today and grow tomorrow.
  • EndPoint Gateway Security

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