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LDS Infotech Private Limited is a leading provider of information technology solutions, has deepened its level of technical expertise and enhanced its relationships with Symantec. LDS Infotech is a Silver Partner of Symantec.

LDS Infotech has achieved expertise of Symantec's products to help its clients implement various solutions to discover, monitor, and protect confidential data wherever it is stored or used. LDS Infotech offers comprehensive solution across endpoint, network, and storage systems-whether the users are on or off the corporate network. LDS Infotech understands how best to utilize Symantec's technology to help businesses reduce risk, ensure compliance, and protect their brand and intellectual property.

The backup and recovery solution offered by LDS Infotech to its customers is due to the extensive backup/recovery and data reduplication expertise available. LDS Infotech's experience and proven methodology will help companies to implement Symantec Solutions most effectively to reduce backup time, growth of secondary storage, and network utilization.

Our Technical Expertise will enable us to deliver even more value to those clients who are struggling with the challenges of protecting confidential data or improving their backup processes. LDS Infotech continues to attain new certifications and technical knowledge of additional premiere data management solutions so that we keep pace with our clients' evolving information technology needs."

Symantec Licensing Policy

The integrated Symantec Licensing Programs are designed to streamline the purchase of Symantec software as well as support and maintenance services.

With several program choices aligned to a variety of business requirements, these licensing programs offer the ability to earn greater discounts and to effectively track and manage software licenses. Please contact LDS Infotech Pvt. Ltd. for further assistance.

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